By: Jess Principe

College can be very stressful, not only for managing school work, but also if you are involved in sports, clubs, or any other extracurricular activities on campus as well. My top methods of stress management is planning ahead when I feel I know multiple assignments are coming up, making lists and crossing things off the lists as I complete them, and using the reminders app on my phone. Planning ahead and managing my time, reduces my stress the most because I know what I have to get done on a day to day basis. This is most important when I am in season for lacrosse, because a large chunk of my day is devoted to practice, lifts, and games which makes time management crucial. Making notes is also very helpful to me for stress management because not only does it prevent stress by having a convenient way to see the assignments I need to get done, but it also reduces my stress when I can cross completed things off the list as I do them. An additional way to manage stress is with the reminders app on our iphones. I rely on this app to remember things  such as the exact times of a meeting or practice, setting alarms for the next morning, or when major upcoming events are too. This reduces my stress so I don’t have to remember dates, times, and the little things that are easy for us all to forget, especially when we are stressed. Lastly, my favorite stress management and reducer is playing sports and exercising because it clears my head of stress and makes it easier to focus on other stuff I need to get done.

These stress management techniques work very well for me, and I can see myself doing these habits all throughout my life, especially when I get my first real job. Additional techniques for stress management that I could try are yoga, meditation, and maybe using the calendar on my laptop more. All of these options would provide more methods to manage and reduce stress in order to help me succeed in college.


One thought on “Stress

  1. Hi Jess! I completely agree without about college being stressful with everything that students are expected to do. I love your idea regarding making lists and planning what you need to complete each day, this could help me to feel less overwhelmed when it comes to the amount of work I get each week. The reminder app on my phone has prevented me from missing important events too, I think it is a great tool that could help people become more organized. I enjoyed reading about how your exercise has helped you to reduce stress in addition to the other techniques you chose to use. Like we learned about in class yoga and meditation may help you to decrease your stress levels, they would allow you to have some time to relax with everything you are involved in at school. However, I think that as long as your stress management has been working for you continuing to do them will be very beneficial.


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